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If I can save even 1 person/ bride from having to deal with this company then my review will be worth it!My husband & I met with John personally on a couple of occasions and were provided portfolios & albums of what he claims to be "his work".

I am unfortunately here to say that he is either using someone else's photos and passing them off as his own, or he simply just does NOT care what work he puts his name on. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your homework before working with this company!! It has been the most unpleasant experience I have EVER had working with any person & company!!!!!

I have yet to be provided with my picture proofs or my wedding album.....Did I mention its been SEVERAL MONTHS since my wedding!I felt I needed to share this with as many people as possible so your joyous wedding experience does not turn into a nightmare like mine has!!



I met John at the Bridal Expo and found him to be just delightful!I've followed his photography on Youtube and am so impressed by him.

I think this is a Bridezilla who is trying to damage the reputation of a fine man. Just looked at your album and it was beautiful.

Sounds like you just want $.Sad.


This is a total fabrication, I have never not provided picture proof "months since" the wedding.And the claims to be my work, sound like a jealous photographer.

Please do your homework and don't believe the lies that have been posted here about me.

I love all my clients like family, and treat them as such.None of my clients have been waiting for their albums for months!

to John Bechet #624360

See over 100 of my Storybook Wedding, Mitzvah, Pet, and Event, albums online, start to finish, Bechet Photo is one of the Best, See for YOURSELF!!!!

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